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Your Holidays







The Agritur-Aso offers you ten good reasons why you should spend your holidays in its facilities, in the middle section of the Aso valley, between the towns of Ortezzano and Petritoli, in the provinces of Fermo and Ascoli Piceno:

1) The Aso-Valley is the ideal place for the lovers of LAZINESS.

2) The Agritur-Aso is close to the sea (15 min by car) and in close proximity to the mysterious Sibylline Mountains (30 min).

3) As you arrive, you’ll find yourself entirely immersed in the countryside, in the midst of the Marches Hills, surrounded by its orchards, gardens, vineyards and olive groves, and with the chance to walk across countless paths, discover a variety of places, and meet numerous people.

4) The Aso-Valley is perfect for all lovers of art and history. Its Medieval villages of Farfense origin (amongst the first Benedictine monks) will astound you with their architecture, their artistic jewels, their colors and flavors.

5) The Aso-Valley is characterized by a rich but altogether simple cuisine. From the sea to the mountains, all alongside the Aso river, you can find lots of places where you can eat really well and with a small amount of money.

6) The Agritur-Aso facilities are extremely comfortable, perfectly integrated within the architecture of the places, and their prices are truly fair.

7) You will always receive a very friendly and warm welcome, which is a typical trait of every true Marches inhabitant.

8) The Aso-Valley will never weary you down. Even in the simplicity of life, it is always full of surprises.

9) It is good to get lost in the woods and villages of the Aso-Valley!

10) However, watch out: if you come once, you will want to come back again!


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